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Voici pour vous gratuitement  une séance de hatha yoga que je vous offre. En espérant que cette heure de pratique vous offre une fenêtre d’espace, un sentiment de liberté, de calme et de paix.

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To feed on silence and appeasement

The OM Shanthi Center

The mission of the Om Shanthi Center is to improve the physical and mental well-being of those who come to practice yoga. This thousand-year-old discipline allows you to connect with yourself again, to live in full awareness and to live in harmony with those around you. The practice of yoga is much more than simple exercises: it is about bettering yourself as well as maintaining overall great health and balance.

The OM Shanthi Center likes to think that those whom come here withdraw themselves from the hustle and bustle of the world. It is a place where one feeds on silence and peace. This natural and inspiring space has been specially designed for yoga. This is a durable solid wood construction located on the shores of the Chaudière River in Sainte-Marie. It was fashioned in the spirit of creativity, happiness and beauty.

Move, breathe, smile, and meditate with us!
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Yoga: a lifestyle

In Sanskrit, the word "Yog" means "union". Yoga is meant to be a harmonious union of the body and mind. Developed in India over several millennia, yoga helps humans in their quest for a state of peace. It allows stress to be evacuated while creating a space-time for a better awareness of one's body and mind. The practice of this medicine aims to discipline the mind and keep the body in an optimal state of health.

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Jeyanthan Mahathevan

Yoga teacher, Thai massage-yoga instructor and massage therapist

Jeyanthan has a passion for nature, body health and human psychology. Yoga has always been a part of his life. This art fascinates him and profoundly influences his view of the world.

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