Hatha Yoga avec Jeyanthan

Here for you in this time of confinement a free session of hatha yoga. Hoping that this hour of practice offers you a window of space, a feeling of freedom, calm and peace.

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This video is there to accompany you to practice hatha yoga, it is intermediate beginner level. The session is guided by Jeyanthan Mahathevan, a yoga teacher from Sri Lanka who has been teaching in Quebec for over 20 years.

The images shot on top of Mont du Lac des Cygnes are intended to be a source of peace and visual space in these times of confinement.

Who is this session for?

It’s for people who are physically fit. If you are a complete beginner, take the time to watch the video several times before, take breaks and go at your own pace. It is always advisable to consult your health care professional before practicing any exercise.

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Who is Jeyanthan?

Jeyanthan has a passion for nature, body health and human psychology.

This art fascinates him and profoundly influences his view of the world. It was through the shared experience of yoga with Master Sri Sidanantha Sarasvatî that Jeyanthan deeply integrated this discipline.

His yoga school is on the banks of the Chaudière River in a magnificent log house that he built himself in Ste-Marie de Beauce. 

Enjoy this moment of relaxation

Watch the full course

Jeyanthan teaches yoga in a simple and natural way for students of all levels. Since this tradition is part of his culture, he is able to give an exceptional depth to his teachings. He is a teacher full of positivism who is able to make his students surpass themselves.

Dominique Nadeau | Corporate Managing Director