Create the retirement of your dreams!

2 nuitées (arrivée à 17h30, départ à 15h30)

Since the retreats designed by Master Yogi Jeyanthan Mahathevan not suitable for all types of people, we also offer you the possibility to create a yoga retreat customizable to your needs.

This type of pension requires a minimum of 8 registrations, whose members are at your choice. It allows to combine courses of all levels and multiple effects. It will also be possible for you to determine the schedule you want in addition to the retirement axis.

Throughout the process, you will of course be accompanied by the greatest virtuoso of Yoga in Quebec who will be attentive and attentive to the particular needs of your group.

This is the ideal event for couples wishing to recharge their batteries, a group of women who care about emotional and physical well-being, a group of men who want to escape the pressure of everyday life and much more.

The à la carte yoga retreat is tailor-made by your group for the most targeted needs.

Here are some ideas:

  • Take the opportunity to reconnect with a group of friends while relaxing.

Give free rein to your desires if we can create it for you!

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